Rose Garden Frequently Asked Questions:

When was the Rose Garden established?  —1917
How large is the Garden?   — 4.5 acres.
How many rose plantings? — Over 10,000 bushes
How many varieties?    ——– Approximately 650
What sprays are used?  ——  Approved commercial fungicide products
How often are sprays applied? — Usually every two to three weeks
What fertilizers are used? —– a slow release nitrogen is applied early in the spring.
Is manure used? —————- No, garden compost is a primary amendment
How is the Garden irrigated? — Automatic underground or surface irrigation system
How low are the roses pruned? — 18″ to 24″ high depending on growth habit
Where can Garden roses be purchased? — at most retail nurseries or garden centers
Is there a true blue rose variety? — no, the genus Rosa does not have a blue gene as yet
How many gardeners/caretakers on staff? — One Curator, two summer caretakers and many volunteers
Can cuttings be taken from the rose? — No, there is a $500 fine for removal of plants material.
What is the blackest rose? —- “Ink Spots,” bed D-14 is the blackest rose in the garden
What is the oldest rose? —- “Grand Duchess Armstrong,” in bed E-23, planted in 1943 by the Grand Duchess
Why do you take roses out? — The purpose of the garden is to showcase the best roses commercially available.
What happens to the test roses when the trial is over? — Hybridizers may commercially introduce the best roses; the others are destroyed.
Where are the David Austin Roses? —- throughout the garden and at the tennis courts.
What is the most fragrant rose? — That is always up for debate, let your nose choose for itself!