Portland Rose Society

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The Portland Rose Society was established in 1888 by Mrs. Henry Pittock, the wife of the first Oregonian publisher, and some of her neighbors and friends. Their vision was that the glory of the rose would be perpetuated through the years by Portlanders for Portland. Their dream has been kept in focus for over one hundred years by dedicated rose gardeners.  From the first rose show in Mrs. Pittock’s own garden in King Heights, to today’s extravaganzas at the Lloyd Center ice pavilion, the Rose Society has kept alive the intent and purpose of growing and showing the best of the best of roses for the enjoyment of the citizens of Portland.

Today, the Rose Society membership is strong and growing. Aside from presenting one of the premier rose shows in the United States, we have built the Gold Medal Garden and its bower at the Washington Park International Rose Test Garden and aid in the rose pruning there. We conduct rose pruning demonstrations in the late winter at several locations, sponsor two other rose shows and give free rose growing advice and assistance to those who request it.

Our dream, as we enter the twenty-first century, is to continue the tradition and encourage all who would do so to join us in this very happy and worthwhile endeavor.